Daily Deposit Scheme

Daily Deposit Scheme

  1. The minimum denomination of the scheme is Rs.20/- per day.
  2. The company reserves the right to reject any application for opening the account without assigning any reason.
  3. The company reserves the right to attach/transfer any account to any its branch.
  4. Defaulters will be charged at the rate of Rs. 2/- per Rs. 100/- per 15 days.
Period Rate Of Interest
365 days 4.00%
540 days 4.25%
730 days 4.50%
1000 days 5.00%
1800 days 5.50%

Features of Saving Account

Main Features Saving Account
Minimum Deposit Rs 200/- only
Nomination Facility
Attractive Rate of Interest 4.25%
SMS Facility
Tenure of Payment:-

The tenure of the account is 12 months and above.

Issue Passbook:-

A passbook will be issued to every Member Account Holder. The Member Account Holder shall get the pass book updated at regular intervals.